What can I do?

Please help me, I really can’t undertake this 100 mile ride without your support.

I know this is a total clichet, but I really do need your help.

Here’s how help me!!

Your assistance and support is really invaluable to me in several ways.

1) You can tell all your family, friends and anyone else you know on social media all about what I’m doing.
I’ve created a Facebook page, if you’re on Facebook please "LIKE" my page and ask all your friends to "LIKE" it as well!!

2) You can turn out on the 10th of August and come along to cheer and encourage me and all the other riders.

3) You can sponsor me and help Teenage Cancer Trust to make a massive difference to the lives of the young people and their families, that suffer each year with this life-robbing disease.

Sponsoring me is really easy!!

It couldn;t be easier to sponsor me.

I’ve created a Just Giving page, where you can donate directly online.

If you prefer, you can donate via your mobile phone.

Here’s how to donate using your mobile phone

Simply decide how much you’d like to donate.

Using your phone it’s easy to donate £1, £5 or £10
(if you wish to donate more than £10, either repeat this process or use the online method).

Then text my special code "ROPE51" and your chosen amount, send it to 70070.

e.g. if you wish to donate £5 to me, you’d text ROPE51 £5 and send it to 70070


Please ask the bill payers permission before you text to donate – thanks ;-))


Please do it now !

I don’t wish to seem rude, please don’t think you’ll “do it later on”, instead please act now to help.
(My memory is just as bad as yours and I also forget thngs I genuinely meant to do!!)
If you really do need to return later on to donate, please write yourself a note or set an alarm on your phone to help you remember.

100 miles is a really long way for someone whose not an athlete or a cycle club rider, used to cycling a reasonable distance every weekend. My usual distance is between 15 and 25 miles, so 100 is going to be quite tough.

If you’d like to know more about why I’m riding this 100 mile please watch my video.

Click here to donate, thank you.

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