Training plan for my big ride.

On Saturday I received a copy of the official magazine for RideLondon – Surrey 100. Inside there are many useful articles and editorials.
These cover many different things from bike checklists, on the day tips for safe riding and a guide to how emergency vehicles will either interrupt, stop or pass through the course.

One of the highlights for me is the training plan.
This has been cleverly devised to guide you for the 12 weeks prior to the ride.
Luckily I’m not out of time and will be able to make use for the vast majority of the plan,
entering the ride later than a lot of other riders who gained places via the public ballot.

The training plan has been devised based upon ability and experience of the rider.
There is a beginner , intermediate and advanced plan.
After careful consideration, I’ll be following the intermediate plan as I’m not a total newbie to cycling.
I’m just used to travelling a max of 30 miles, so 100 is more than a challenge!

Currently, (at the time of writing this blog) it’s 10 weeks before the ride, therefore the training plan
is running on week 2. According to my training plan, this week is focused on cadence. The number of rotations the pedals make per minute.

Due to the business of the last bank holiday in May my week is a little screwed up, the glorious bank holiday and post bank holiday weather (rain) is not helping my training plan at all.
I was unable to ride last night as I didn’t get home until a little later than usual and it was grey and gloomy, not ideal cycle weather. Today is supposed ot be a rest day, however I’m hoping a break in the rain this evening will allow me to get out for the scheduled 1.5 hour ride.
Let’s hope the weather is good later on !

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