Training now fully in progress

Training underway with two 27 mile rides in one day…… Aylesbury to Watford and then home again at the end of the day.

I don’t usually ride all the way to where I work, as I have to take into account I have a working day in between riding there and back.

Knowing that I will be riding for a number of hours on August 10th, I thought this could be a good training exercise.
It was OK on the way from Aylesbury to Watford, I was really pleased with my progress.
Even though I have previously ridden from Northchurch to Watford and back on a number of occasions, this longer route was still an enjoyable ride.
I knew the route well, which really helps with smooth “anticipated” gear changes.
This is one thing I’m not looking forward to on the 100 mile ride, not knowing there’s a hill approaching, or better still a nice down-hill or flat section.
I find knowing the route helps me mentally to ride the route, telling myself “to push hard up this uphill section”, or that I’m able to ease off for a moment on a down hill section.
My extended route included up Tring Hill (near Crow’s Nest Beefeater) and down the other side towards Cowroast.
It may have been due to fatigue, but I thought my homeward climb up from Cowroast to the top was longer and tougher than the outbound morning ride.

The ride home was overall worse, mainly due to my bruised bum – the roads between Berkhampstead and Boxmoor are really uneven and bumpy.
In places it really felt like I was riding a bike with solid rubber tyres and a wooden frame !

Here’s a link to a breakdown of my ride…

( Sorry it’s all in KM and so on, the App I use is American !)


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