Really saddle sore !

I decided to try and follow the training plan and ride every other day for about one hour / one hour and a half.
The weather had other plans, it was really quite cruel!
If it wasn’t already raining, we’d have fine, dry or sunny weather during the day and about 4 or 5pm it’d rain until 8pm or later.
Not really liking riding in pouring rain, I ended up on a static exercise bike, which is OK but not that great.
Worse still I skipped a couple of training sessions all together, definitely not part of the plan.
There’s only so much I can take on that static bike, I guess it wasn’t really made for a guy over 6 foot tall…

To make up for this lack of activity, I decided to ride to and from work on Friday.
This ride would clock up a round trip of 54 miles.
It was a really good ride outward bound, I found my “new-to-me” (2nd hand) road bike was a very good ride.
The only problem was my bum got very bruised by the uneven / cracks and bumps in the road surface.

I then went out early on Sunday morning and rode another 25 miles round trip, which was so painful as
my previously bruised bum hurt so much.

Wanting to know why I hurt so much, I checked online and found that my saddle may be the wrong size.
Apparently you have some bones in your pelvis area called sitting bones.
That was news to me… mine were currently called “no sitting bones”.
After being measured, I found my saddle was not quite the correct size and I had bruised them (or the tissue around them)
quite badly, which caused the discomfort. At least now I knew why I hurt so much.

I purchased a new saddle, which I tried sitting on – only to find it was as uncomfortable as the old one!
I’m hoping that after waiting for the bruising to subside, it’ll be a lot more comfortable……

Anyhow, I’m quite pleased with my training, as I have ridden just over 75 miles this week in 72hours.
I’m hoping that I’ll be able to sit on my new saddle for longer and the weather will allow me to train as often as I should!

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