It’s tomorrow !!

The night before the next day !!! The training is over, now I’m relying on my legs, my kit bag, my energy drinks and bloomin’ large slice of luck and support from all the people on the day to get me to the finish line.

You see the issue is simply that the massive Box Hill is pretty much at the point where normally on a training run i’ll be nearly home. Limping into my house exhausted I crash our on the sofa not knowing how to go on. Twenty minutes later I’m fine but now I’m wondering how I get to the end !!

I’m hoping the cheers from the crowd will get me there, so (as advised my a marathon running friend) I’ve got a name badge to wear.
He told me to wear my name and then the crowd will cheer me along and that’ll give me a boost!!

Anyhow as long as the wind and rain don’t cause too many issues I’m sure I’ll get through it some how.
Tough Mudder was a real challenge last year and I jogged around that (basically a half marathon with army style obstacles), so I ‘m hoping I can muddle through this as well !!

Following my progress tomorrow as I ride around the course

To help all of my supporters find out where i am, I plan to tweet my position at each water stop / food point.
Twitter = @imperialDalek

To prevent you wondering why there wre less tweets than stops marked on the map, I plan to cycle right past stop number one and stop number three.
( I carry enough drinks and therefore don’t need these stops)

However I plan to stop briefly for a moment or two at the rest of the stops, to top up drink bottle, to eat a small snack and to ensure my poor bum gets enough blood flow to prevent numbness !!

Check out the final route plan here, complete with miles completed and water / food points :
Therefore if you check the tweet against the map on the link above you’ll be able to pinpoint where I am and hopefully how I’m doing.

I nearly fogot, I’ve been talking about my ginger mohawk – so here it is on my cycle helmet ready to go !!

Please don’t forget all this effort is all to raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust. Together we can help people that you’ll never meet that really do need care and assistance.

If you haven’t done so already, please click here to donate !!

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