I made it round despite the weather!

I am very pleased to say that I managed to get around the course despite the horrible weather.
To sum up the whole day in one or two words would be simple, “wet and windy”!

It was so windy at times that I needed to lean into the wind to stay on the bike.
There was so much surface water running down the roads, that in places we were being told to
slow down and use the middle of the road to avoid the water and debris.
Underpasses along the course were flooded and we had to go around or wade through.

Eventually the sun shone and the wind died down a little and I began to dry off and warm up.
This was a relief after standing for a good half hour in Richmond park in torrential rain getting very, very cold.
I was so cold my teeth were chattering madly away.

Having warmed up as I approached London again it began to pour with rain and we all got cold again.
However at this point I’d say please don’t feel sorry for me,
instead please join me in remembering all those who came off their bikes.
I saw a number of people lying on the road either getting attention or waiting for ambulances.

Sadly it seems the vile conditions has claimed at least one life, which is a tragedy.
I will warm up, if i develop a cold or chill – I’ll get better.
Those who fell off will hopefully make full recoveries, but nothing will
bring back those who died as a result of undertaking the 100 mile challenge.

Sadly that kind of fits in with why I rode this challenge in the first place.
If you’ve donated then I’d like to say a HUGE BIG THANK YOU.
If you haven’t donated, please act today and make a donation,
together with Teenage Cancer Trust we can make a huge difference to people
who need our support.



I’ll post more images when I get hold of them ;-)

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