Are you clever enough to predict my time ??

You may have predicted England would be out of the world cup, but are you “good enough” to guess my ride time??
Now that’s a challenge that you probably won’t want to try out.

I don’t blame you, it’s just a bit tricky and people don’t always like tricky!!

Here’s some clues…..


I ride consistently at an average total speed of 16-18mph.
The hills usually climb at 8-12mph, while along flat(ish) I can easily ride 20mph.
Slight downhill / very flat I can cruise at 22 / 24mph.
Downhill I can easily achieve 29mph (not that that’s an achievement)….

All in all over a 40 – 50mile ride – that evens out to 16-18mph.

The big ride is 100 miles.

I’m going to be starting at 08:20am and will stop every 25 miles for 3 to 4 mins to top up water and allow blood flow in
my bum to return to normal. Nothing worse than a numb bum !

It’ll be busy with 20,000 other riders all trying to navigate around the route.
We’re all riding on the same day, but not all at the same time.
We’ll be started in waves of about 400 riders with gaps between them.
I’m telling you this as I expect the first 10 – 15 miles to be quite busy as we jostle for our place in the road and find a good spot, not behind anyone that’s likely to be stopping suddenly or quickly realising they should have trained more !
All in all I expect the average speed of this first 10 miles not to be the best I’ll do all ride, due to the factors around me I can’t control.
i.e. other people !!

Last clues to help you out, I’m not going to be faster than 5 hours and I have to be back before 8 hours, or they’ll scoop me up in a rescue lorry and move me.
This is because the professionals will be starting at 1pm and if we’re not off the track by 5pm, we could be mown down !!

This is how you guess a time.


Please donate via the website and place your guess in the message box when you make your donation.


  1. Text ROPE51 and £1, £5 or £10 and send it to 70070.
  2. You’ll get a thank you text. A minute or two later you’ll get a “gift aid text. When your mobile broadband or wifi is connected, click the link in this text. (it’s quite safe)
  3. Fill in the gift aid bit with your name and then scroll down to the message box (see image below). Fill it in and click send
  4. All done !!

Here’s the message box I mentioned above here….



The key thing to remember is that I need to know how to tell you that you were the most accurate time.
The easiest way to do this is to LIKE my Facebook page ,
otherwise send me an email to the address in the pink box above.

Here’s the game changer……

*If I reach my fundraising target* I will award the person who is closest a reward for their cunning, thoughtful and clever guesswork.

(My fundraising target, along with the current total is on the donation page)

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